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MailChimp Confidence Course

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Course Instructor - Stuart Waters

Hi, I am Stuart!

I first took the plunge into the world of self-employment about 5 years ago, within a startup called AdChomp - where we attempted to sell advertising space within restaurants via cutlery pouches. (I know.. a nice and simple start right?...).

I remember being completely overwhelmed with the number of platform choices for email marketing, automation, design and the rest. I would waste hours/days/weeks trying to work out how, why and when to use them.

I had been let down countless times by poor freelancers and couldn't afford to waste any money. Any free time I had would be spent on learning as many platforms as I could to save time and money down the line. I had worked in marketing all of my professional life and I would have considered myself as fairly "techy", yet I still longed for someone to be able to help.

As I started to improve, I began doing a lot of freelance work for others, which lead to people asking me to give them coaching. I did so much of this, that digital marketing freelancing became my main form of income. (Which is a good thing as the ambitious AdChomp eventually ran its course.) Now I have 125 Five star reviews on People Per Hour and I am a MailChimp Pro-Partner. And I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs generate money and automate their businesses through email marketing.

I have learnt the tech so you don't have to. Instead, your time is much better spent focussing on the parts of your business that you love and are truly passionate about. I hope you will find my MailChimp step-by-step videos useful. It is the cheapest and easiest way to learn MailChimp in my opinion. If you have any questions then please feel free to book a free enquiry chat with me.

If you would like something more personal, then I also can offer 1-to-1 personalised lessons over Zoom.

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